Miss Burgundy Sun

My sweet Miss Burgundy ia a wonderful
example of Annette Weber's breeding program. Beautiful and as kind as she is beautiful. I love her. Daughter of Burgundy Sun and BGM Sabrina.

Khause A Kimotion

"Molly" was bred by Judy Victor of Lindsay, CA. She is a bay pinto sabino and causes a commotion wherever she goes. She is full of fun, a bit of a devil and as sweet as can be. Daughter of Khartoon Khlassic and Kimono. Molly is in training for Western Pleasure at T&T Arabians.

Molly will be at the AHAF Thanksgiving Arabian Horse Show in Tampa, FL, which runs from Nov. 26 to Nov. 29, 2008.


Starrrose is a bright chestnut sabino rabicano with a blaze, 4 lacey high whites and belly spots. She came as quite a surprise to her breeder, Marri Champie of Kona, ID who,
of course, was expecting a black foal from
this breeding to her black mare. "Rosie" is just starting slowly under saddle and is proving to be very responsive and willing. She is a "pickpocket", and a world class escape artist. Daughter of Ata Bey Starr and BlackLady Rashaqa. Starrrose has trained at T&T Arabians as sport horse under saddle.

Starrrose will be starting Dressage lessons this coming month.


RFB Pantomime

My sweet Pantomime, a Camargue daughter - a noble gentle heart, wisdom to burn, and a wonderful fun horse to ride.
Just A Princess

She is wonderful under saddle and
very loving. I am ecstatic to have her
here with me - just an exceptional mare.
Azies T Contender (Gypsy)

A Top Contender daughter out of a Sasaki daughter. Bred by the Watkins of Winter Haven, FL. She is also a Khemosabi grandaughter. A beautiful gentle 18 year who takes good care of her older rider. I love her to death.


By Khemosabi out of Bayluki, a Bay El Bey daughter. She was bred by Charlene L Strong of Long Beach, CA. A few months ago a member of Arabian Breeders Network posted a dream horse ad for a $500.00 Khemosabi daughter with a photo. I spoke to the owner and purchased her on the spot. When she had her coggins pulled in the state of Washington, the vet called me to tell me she was in terrible condition. When she arrived she was bathed by friends and her teeth were floated. After two months she is still horribly thin.She is twenty years old so it will take time for her to put weight on. However, she is cheerful, kind, and becoming more and more people oriented.
_This was the ad picture that was posted.
_Khendida's condition when she arrived.  
_Khendida is slowly gaining weight with us after two months.
_Khendida has been with us 4 months now, and is recovering nicely!
_Khendida after 5 months with us (left), Khendida after 7 months (right).
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